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WE ARE CURRENTLY NOT ACCEPTING ORDERS FOR CUSTOM LOAVES Unless they are for wedding/shower/event/party favours and include over 24 bars. If you desire more info on our favours please call the store at 519 304-5414 or message us at


Prefer unscented soap but tired of the plain look and now you want the designs?
Want scented soaps that are plain?
Want Dill Pickle scented soap that is pink?
Or Strawberry Soap that is purple and orange?

Then you are on the right page! You get to design your own artisan soap loaf and it is whatever you wish it to be.
The link to the design form is on the bottom of this page.

Have fun creating your own special soap for yourself or for a gift!
If this is a gift you are creating - let us know! We always include a card that says "this soap was lovingly designed by ___ special for ___" or other wording as you wish. We can also ship direct & gift wrapped if that helps!

We do plan to create a Gallery with photos of all of the soaps our customers create!

DESIGN YOUR OWN ARTISAN SOAP LOAVES (boring but necessary to read info)

  • Once you have submitted your design - you MUST order it here and purchase like any other item. Loaves are not made until they are paid in full.
  • Please do not submit the design form if you are not planning on purchasing the custom loaves.
  • Custom work takes time - my soaps are much like a fine wine and must cure once made before I can send them to my customers. As such the Design Your Own Artisan Soap will take 4-5 weeks before it is ready for shipping.
  • Each loaf is cut like our other soaps and packaged in a compostable shrinkwrap.
  • Why do we not offer more than 14 bars at a time? Simply answered - we're keeping it fresh, baby, keeping it fresh. Even our family of 7 takes a long time to go thru 14 bars. If you are wanting custom soap made in larger quantities please feel free to email me at We offer custom promotional products for businesses as well as wedding / shower / party favours.
  • Remember you are doing the selecting - we make these to your specifications. We do not accept returns because you don't like how it looks, so please be certain of what you select. If you wish to have a Dill Pickle scented soap made of three shades of pink, then we will make that for you.
OK so now that the boring stuff is said we can move onto the FUN part of this experience! The design form has ten questions about size, scent, colours and design style. Use your imagination and imagine the design you love with the colours and scent you select!


There are two options a 2 lb loaf (7 bars) or a 4 lb loaf (14 lbs)
Typically the 2 lb loaf is cut into 7 bars and the 4 lb into 14 bars - we say typically as all of our soap is handcut - that means without mechanical precision - sometimes the bars are slightly thicker and you get 6 bars instead. Same rule of cutting applies to the 4 lb loaf.

Want Unscented? By all means, select unscented. Unscented selectors are allowed to choose an extra oil or butter to add to the soap in place of the scent. At this time this extra oil or butter addition is only available for the unscented soaps.

Scents available - on the design form there are lists of fragrance oils available and essential oils available. Fragrance oils are synthetic, Essential oils are natural.

If there is a combination of two scents you would like to try - please add that to the comments section of the design form and we will email you to let you know if we can do that. We know our fabulous customers have some great ideas of what they like. 

Design Style
There is a photo at the bottom of this with the various design styles that are available. Each has its own name so when you are completing the design form - you can just select the style you wish.

You have options of which colour you wish to use up to a maximum of 4. You are also able to select the density - whether you want it dark, medium or light.

Design it by clicking here
- make your choices
- be sure to click DONE on the design form
This link is to the design component only.

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