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Why Natural?

Soap comes from a chemical reaction between various oils, fats and caustic soda (a.k.a. lye), called saponification.   ALL soap, homemade or commercial contain lye. It’s when the oils and the lye mix that soap is created.

Commercial soap
Commercial soap is usually produced from tallow and other fats plus a variety of synthetic compounds which are added to produce the desired lather and texture. However even more additives are needed to give the soap the required amount of plasticity and to prevent the soap from sticking to the machinery.

The by-product of the mixture of fats, oils and lye is glycerin. During the manufacture of commercial soap glycerin is produced and is either washed away with the other waste products or it is separated out and sold to the cosmetics or food industry. This is an enormous loss – glycerin is a natural moisturizer for the skin and the removal of glycerin during the commercial process is one of the reasons why commercial soap can be so drying. Cheaper isn’t always better!

If you can’t pronounce the ingredients – do you really want it on your skin?

My soap—all natural...
I have been making soap for over 15 years now. I have sensitive skin and cannot use commercial soap.  I use only vegetable based
products and natural base recipe with premium specialty oils and butters. I do NOT use animal fats. I only use top quality fragrance or essential oils, in addition to mineral pigments, herbs, spices and clays for my creations.