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The Soapcrafter


My name is Jeannine.

I am a soap lady.

I am a wife to the most wonderful man.

I am a mom in a variety of meanings and wordings to 5 amazing children.

I am a biped slave to 2 wonderful felines and a large St. Ber-Newfie suckball dog.

In all seriousness, I am a professional soap artisan. I have been making soap for more than 23 years now, and selling for over 20 years. It is my passion. While other hobbies have come and gone with me, soapmaking has never left. And never will. I am always trying new recipes, or new techniques, not to mention new ingredients.

Like most supremely pale skinned folks with my descent, I have a litany of allergies. Apparently in addition to permanently be shock white, my skin had decided to be cranky, very cranky with commercial soap products and lotions. I used to have to buy handmade soap but I got tired of paying $7 or $8, or even upwards of $10 for a bar. I’ve always been artsy and creative so I thought why not. Soapmaking is definitely not the cheapest hobby to develop so I started selling soap to support my new obsession. I needed to make just one more batch…. that was more than 23 years ago. I will never charge more than I have to. I make a superior product without the superior price tag.

I refer to Wylde Rose most of time as we. Even tho I am the person making all of these wonderful products, my family is standing beside me the whole way and I could not do it without their love, support and patience. They are the ones carrying the boxes. They are the ones helping set-up at trade shows. And my husband rubs my feet after long days of standing at shows.  They are some of my most loyal testers, and brutally honest critics. My family is most precious to me and I would not use anything less than the highest quality on them. Therefore all of my products have been specially designed by myself with the best ingredients used. I research new ideas and new recipes, educating myself on the new ingredients and what the epidermal benefits for each is.

Wylde Rose has evolved. Many things have changed. Wylde Rose will continue to evolve as we grow our business to include some great employees. Employees who have the same passion and care about the products as well as have fun with us in our environment making the wonderful goods for our customers.
Some products are gone, some have been brought back and of course new ones have been introduced. But the fact remains that it is still made by hand. It is still all made in small batches. And it’s still made with natural ingredients. Most importantly I still love to have fun making great soap! That guarantees that you are going to be a great bar that is goodness for your skin.

What is elegance? Soap and water!
~Cecil Beaton