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My skin is extremely sensitive and I have been using Wylde Rose soap products for a month.  I purchased handmade soap from numerous companies in the past and none compare to Jeannine's.  Her soaps lather and are not oily or smell too strong.  Her customer service is exceptional and she listens to your needs.  The soy wax candles are fabulous also and quite unique.
Thanks Jeannine for making such wonderful products from a happy soap customer.
P.C. Oakville, Ontario

I have VERY sensitive skin, ever since I was a little kid. Wylde Rose has become the only soap that touches my skin. A terrific product!
D.M. Toronto, ON

I am in love with this soap! I have tried a lot of handmade soap from a lot of sources trying to use the best for my family. I have stopped looking now I have my soapmaker for life. The soap lathers with soft fluffy bubbles that leave my skin feeling great. My teen son doesn't have breakouts anymore. I can't tell enough people about it.
H.D., Brantford, ON

For the last four years Jeannine's handmade soaps have been my favourite. With a stressful career working in two classrooms, they are my daily dose of relaxation. When the weather gets cold, vanilla and raspberry are my winter warmth soaps. But, in the summer it's coconut-lime for a fresh morning wake up. I actually get excited when my bar starts getting thin because I know that I'll be opening a new equally wonderful scent! Thanks to Jeannine for making my morning routine worth waking up to!
C.I., Eganville, ON

I’ve been using the hemp oil soap for the last two years. My skin has never felt so consistently moisturized as it does now. Even in the winter my dry skin stays away.
K. T.., Oshawa, ON

By far the best soap I have ever used. It doesn’t make scum in the bathwater!
A.L., Belleville, ON

Jeannine understood what I wanted for my wedding day. I was a bridezilla but instead of ducking for cover she sat down with us and created the absolute perfect favour for us. And then when I found the best glass containers for centrepieces she was able to create amazing and unique candles.
P.  J., Ottawa, ON

I love the candles. For awhile it was hard to get Soy Wax Candles, most people hadn’t heard of it as an alternative to icky toxic waxes. Jeannine was thoroughly knowledgeable on Soy Wax and I’ve used her candles ever since. I have tried the odd soy candle from other makers (I’m a teacher and I get a LOT of candles given to me) and I still only end up burning Wylde Rose Candles all the way down. Great scent, great long and even burn.
M.N., Haliburton, ON

 I’m a lifeguard so I am in and out of a pool most of the day. My skin gets very dry and itchy from the chlorine every day. I was given Wylde Rose’s whipped lotion as a gift and I have been hooked on it since. I use the specialty soap line for the extra moisture they provide and follow up with the whipped lotion every night.
S. S., Vancouver, British Columbia

I love the Loofah Soaps. It’s the best exfoliator I’ve ever used. Jeannine suggested this soap to me a few years ago and now I have a stash always ready. I have little tiny bumps on my upper arms and by using the loofah every time I shower I don’t have the bumps anymore.
R. B., Bancroft, Ontario