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We all love free stuff. I happen to offer one quick and fast way to earn free stuff without ever leaving your house.

That's right - you can earn my products free while you are in your PJ's or finding 15 minutes while the kids nap.
Instead of the party hosting method we're all used to, you know the ones where you invite as many people you can fit in your living room, and then the party person does their bit and purchasing commences. Well my parties are a little different, they are held ONLINE.
Yes, I said ONLINE. It’s so easy…

ONLINE parties are a different type of party but with many advantages.

  • You can invite friends and family who are located on the other side of Canada.
  • People can shop and browse on their schedule... let's face it - we don't always have the time to go to those parties but people may find the time at 6 am or 11 pm to look thru things on the website and place their order at their leisure.
  • You don’t have 15-20 people crammed into your living room - you can invite as many people as you want!
  • You don't have contact people or deliver product after the party – since every order someone places gets shipped directly to them.
  • In this day where we are all being invited to a party or two every week for different products, this is a great way to host a party and shop as it fits into everyone's schedules.
  • The products are something everyone uses... or at least we hope they use soap....

With many companies you get certain hostess gifts or certain items to select from - with Wylde Rose you select whatever Wylde Rose items you want to use your credit on. You know what you need and want more than I do!

In time I will be making a video or several videos with audio & more visual info on all products that is something for your friends and family to see also. I want the video to be perfect so it may take awhile to produce! For now the website should be pretty informative. And customers can always ask me questions at any time!

You earn 25% back in credit of the total your guests spend towards anything you wish to purchase from Wylde Rose Handmade Soaps and Candles. So if your online guests spend a total of say $400, you can order $100 worth of products free! See it's really that easy...

There are also two other BONUS ways to earn more credits.

Bonus #1 - If you have over 10 orders placed by 10 people you receive an extra bonus of $20 credit. Another 10 people place orders - then another $20 credit.

Bonus #2 - If any of your friends decide to host an online party and have sales (any sales) - you receive an extra bonus of $20 credit.

How does it work?
  • You tell me that you wish to do one... email me at jeannine@wylderose.ca and we can get started.
  • We set up some dates of when it starts and ends, it's usually a week long opportunity for your guests to shop.
  • I email you the info needed for you to forward to your online friends. You re-send that email out and encourage your friends to purchase products. The email contains a special coupon code that your online guests must use for you to be credited. That coupon code is unique for each and every individual online party. The invite letter is a PDF file so that everyone can open it. 
  • The invite code is tracked online and I send the hostess a screen picture of the purchases made using the code that is exclusive for their party.
  • When your friends place an order - you receive a percentage of what they purchase. That percentage you can use to order items to be sent to you. You select the items you want - it's completely up to you!
  • The items your guests order are shipped out to them directly. They are responsible for their own shipping costs.

*** Earn a $50 Gift Card to one of your favourite restaurants ***

$50 Gift Card for your choice of one of the following restaurants:
The Keg
Swiss Chalet
East Side Mario’s
If you host an online party and your guests spend more than $600 - I will send you a $50 gift card to one of the above restaurants. That's in addition to the great rewards for hosting already offered.

Read below for full details on hosting an online party – it’s so easy! Invite your friends to shop (I even send you the invitation to send out) and voila! You get the usual rewards AND the bonus gift card.

You don't have to leave your house and you don't have to have people over either! All you do is send a few emails.

Gift cards are sent once the party is over if your guests have spent more than $600 in total. ________________________________________________________________________

Tips for a successful online hosting
  1. Email as many people as you know. Don’t be afraid to invite men. Men are about 35% of my clientele. Not only do they purchase for themselves but for the women in the life too.
  2. You may feel like it’s spam or that you are bothering your friends but sending 1-2 reminders during the week is ok. Just not 2-3 a day… You know your friends best.
  3. Don’t forget to utilize all your resources. Facebook & Twitter are big ways to get it out there. You can set up an event on FB and invite people direct instead of spamming your whole friends list. One lady didn’t even use the computer but all of her friends did so she handed out paper invites.If you need help - just ask I don't mind!
  4. Just remember the more people who shop – the more credits you receive.
  5. Bonus credits are null and void if no purchases are made.

I love my international friends and customers too but at the moment this offer is only available for shipping to Canadian addresses.