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All shipping is via Canada Post. Pick-up in Brantford is free.

Shipping costs are automatically calculated during the checkout process and also estimated in your shopping cart. Shipping prices are based on the weight and size of your parcel.

Shipping rates start with a basic cost that all shippers start with and increase from that point onwards. We know, we don't like it either. It is more cost effective in regards to shipping to purchase more product. Shipping 2 bars of soap is the same cost as shipping 15 bars.

These options are available to you when you checkout your shopping cart.

International Shipping: Currently our shopping cart is set up for Canadian shipping only. For all other countries an individual shipping quote must be made specific to your country.  Please inquire via info@wylderose.ca You will be emailed a shipping quote based on the weight and size of your order.

Damaged Shipments: If by chance your parcel is damaged, you do need to follow a few simple steps. If you are able to – refuse delivery and notify me at once. If delivery has been accepted -
do not open the package, even if it is partially open. Notify us at info@wylderose.ca and also notify Canada Post. You must submit a claim for the damage with Canada Post directly. Canada Post may want to inspect the parcel – speak to a representative at your local post office. But make sure you keep the parcel intact. Once a claim has been made we will take the next step to process your order even if it means re-shipping new items.

Processing Time: We ship on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
Order deadlines:
Orders received prior to 5pm on Sundays will be shipped on Mondays.
Orders received prior to 5 pm on Tuesdays will be shipped on Wednesdays
Orders received prior to 5 pm on Thursdays will be shipped on Fridays
For pick up at the Cambridge Farmers Market - orders must be received by 5pm on Friday for Saturdays Market and by 5pm on Tuesdays for pick-up for Wednesdays market. Please note that Wednesdays market is outside and as such dependent on weather. Saturdays we are inside at our year round cart.

We love being able to take orders to our customers at the market - please indicate in the comments of your order that is your wishes.

Please note that with the soap if there is an “Available on xxxx date” on the soap item page, that we do not ship until the date that it is available. We hold the entire order, we don’t ship partial orders.

Return Policy: Unfortunately, all sales are final. We’re sure you can appreciate this with the sanitary nature of the soap and body products.


Cash (in person)

The shopping cart system will take you through each step needed for payments with PayPal, VISA or Mastercard.

We can take Visa and Mastercard over the phone if one wants to use a credit card without using PayPal.

E-transfer and cash are different.
Email communication is needed for either of those options. You complete your order as normal and then when the shopping cart takes you to step 4 you can stop and then email sales@wylderose.ca with a message stating you have placed an order with which you would like to pay via cash upon pick or pay via an e-transfer (email money bank transfer).
As long as you went to step 4 your order should remain on the system for me to locate it. Once there and once we have the message from you that you wish to pay via E-transfer - then we can manually switch the payment method.

E-transfer requests should be sent to the following email address: sales@wylderose.ca
Once paid, your order is shipped like any other order.

Cash is accepted only in person. Our apologies but we do not accept cheques.


Do you have an order minimum?
No there is not a minimum order for regular customers. There is a minimum order for retail businesses wishing to purchase wholesale and that is outlined in the wholesale package given to wholesale customers.

Can I order Wholesale?
Please see the Wholesale page for more information on purchasing Wholesale

Do I need to have an account to buy from your store?
Yes you do… it only takes 60 seconds. You do this once and then all your address information is there and ready the next time you log on. Because you pay through PayPal there is no need to input credit card information. Wylde Rose never sees and as such certainly never stores any credit card information.

Can I Order by Phone?
Certainly! 519 304 0632 – please call during business hours only though. 9 am – 5 pm EST Monday to Saturday. We ask that our phone hours be respected. We have a family that we enjoying spending time with :)
We tend to ignore calls in the middle of the night - Call us crazy but we like to enjoy our sleep and really calling us at 2 am isn't going to get your order out the door any quicker!

Do you have a storefront?
We do not currently have a storefront. That’s coming – please be patient! Customers are able to call and schedule a pick up and even a visit. We certaininly understand the need & want for smelling!
In the meantime we are happy to be able to service our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via our website. All online inventory levels are up to date.

Do you have a catalogue?
In our effort to be green and do our part for the environment – we do not have a printed catalogue. We are creating a pdf with a retail catalog and will have online here and on the homepage when it’s finished.


How do you make soap?
How much time do you have? Seriously there are books and books and books on the topic so let me try to sum it up.
Using a very precise scale I measure out all ingredients necessary – precisely… it’s not like cooking where a little of this and a little of that can be off. For a safe bar precision is key. Things are brought to the appropriate temperature, mixed, and placed into a mold doing whatever design that has been imagined for the loaf. That part does take about 3.5 hrs. It is then “put to bed”. It sits for 24 hrs for the magic of saponification and is then cut into bars, stamped etc. Then I place it on my curing racks where it sits for 4-6 weeks to cure. Then time for wrapping and labeling.
There is a lot more to it than that but it does give you a quick idea. One must not forget the years of research and trial and error. Don't even get me started on the safety aspects.

Why do your customers love your soap?
Don’t take our word for it – read the testimonials from our customers. We’re not big on using the pushy, aggressive sales tactics. We are who we are and our soap is what it is. We happen to be very proud of it!
  • Experience counts! We’ve been at this for 18 years now, selling for 17 of those years.
  • We research ingredients constantly and have our “ears to the ground” on the latest information in the industry. 
  • We have spent the time perfecting our recipes and then testing them on willing subjects – our family, our friends and our customers. We don’t launch product lines until we feel they are perfect and our standards are very high. They have to be – we use the products ourselves and on our children.
  • We use time-honoured methods such as the cold process method for soapmaking.
  • We weigh, mix, cut and package by hand.
  • We take pride in each and every bar.
We take pride in our prices too. We’ve been told countless times that we should raise our prices. We could do that but we don’t need to. We don’t feel we need to overcharge for our products. We make a living from this without gouging our customers. That has always been the philosophy and will always be. We use nothing but high quality ingredients and still don’t feel we need to charge $7 or $8 a bar. That makes our products a great value, especially in this day when we all need to watch our pocketbooks.

We have a bit of a scent addiction – that’s why we offer over 130 varieties of soaps. There is truly something for everyone and we also believe that the selection also makes us stand out from other soapmakers.

What's in your handmade soap?
Each soap varies, and as such we list the ingredients on each and every product page. We use all natural ingredients to make our soaps – the only place where things change from Natural to Nearly Natural is what is used to scent the soap. Please see below for a explanation of the differences between Natural and Nearly Natural.

What do you use to scent your products with?
The soap is listed under three categories – Natural, Nearly Natural and Unscented Natural.
  • The Unscented Natural is exactly as it sounds – no scent, all natural ingredients.
  • The Nearly Natural is scented with fragrance oils (FO’s). FO’s are synthetic (man-made) and all of the ones we use are high quality and phthalate free.
  • The Natural soaps are scented with essential oils (EO’s) and are distilled from plants. These are completely natural and of course we use the highest quality.
We have tried many times over the years to go to strictly natural and ceasing the use of FO’s however our customers keep telling us they want the option of both. This allows our customers the ability to select whichever one they prefer. Some scents just can’t be distilled from a natural source and have it smell they way one wants. Take Raspberry for example. If one was to distill any part of the raspberry plant, roots, plant, stems or berries – you still do not end up with that sweet and yet tart berry smell of the raspberry. Hence the demand for FO’s.

Again – each customer has the option of selecting whichever one they prefer. Each of the actual product descriptions contains the symbols below as it pertains to that individual soap.

How long do your soaps stay scented?

Typically the scent stays fresh for about a year. It may start to fade after that point. Citrus scents are known to fade faster as do some fragrance oil. Some scents last longer than others. I have some soap in my personal stash that the scent is true and strong after 10 years.

What is the best way to use/store my soap?
There are a few key things to remember – your soap is made differently from different ingredients than commercial soap so it takes a little care that is different.
  • DO NOT leave the soap sitting in a pool of water… make sure the water can drain away from your bar. A bar that is well dried out between uses will last way longer than one that is not. Use a soapdish that will drain the  water away.
  • Protect them from humidity – bathrooms are actually not great places to store handmade soap unless its your bar in use.
  • Protect them from extremes of heat and cold.
  • Keep them in a dark place – sunlight and even bright lights can destroy the way a soap smells
  • If you stock up on multiple bars – keep them in the wrapping you receive them in but also go another step farther and wrap them in paper bags by scent. Even tho the soaps are wrapped - they can still take on the scent of each other if they are left beside each other.
Does your soap contain lye?
Yes it does. All soap contains lye. It's part of the magical chemistry of soapmaking. When oils and butters are combined at the correct temperatures with lye, they start a process called saponification. When Saponification is complete (about 24 hours) there are no longer oils or butters or lye, it has formed a new product - soap. It's much like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly... the soap molds are the magical crysalids of the soapmaking world.
This is not the same soap that pioneers made with lye way back when. For starters they usually made their own lye from ashes from their hearths. They combined their lye with leftover fats, tallow and lard. They certainly didn't have the fabulous butters and oils that we use today. We have scientific recipes that are followed with precise measurements to create a great bar of soap. Rest assured, there is no lye left in the soap once it’s finished, it is just pure soap.

Is this soap safe for babies and people with sensitive skin?
Yes it is safe for most people even those with allergies and sensitivities. Please see the Unscented Specialty Soaps for the soaps that can be used by pretty much everyone. We do not recommend using any scented soaps on babies under 6 months, bathing is really enough - we have a full line of unscented soaps that can be used for babies over 6 months. We are currently formulating a baby bar (6 months to toddler) that is more specific for their needs.

Are your soaps biodegradable?

Absolutely! Please see our Eco Footprint for more of our green policies.

How can I make my soap last longer?
Because a handmade bar is made from natural ingredients it does not contains the chemicals to make it a hard bar or to make it last longer… and yes the commercial big companies use chemicals specifically for that.  To get every last & luscious bubble out of your soap do not leave it in a puddle of water. Ensure that the water is draining away from the soap. Let the soap dry when you are done using it until you use it again. Another trick we personally like to do is slice the loaf style bars in half and use one half at a time.

Why is your soap softer than commercial soap?
See the above answer…

Why do other soap companies make medical claims about their products, and you don't?
First off we think only certified doctors should make medical claims and we are not doctors. I utilize information that is either passed through generations and we research every ingredient. Most essential oils and other ingredients have an abundance of information available. We are cautious and research the sources of my information as unfortunately there are many people who feel they are an expert when they don’t exactly know the topics. We do not claim to know it all and never will…

We can legally say that a specific ingredient is “reputed” to moisturize or is "said to" help with dandruff, but we are actually not allowed to claim wonders from my products. That privilege is saved for the big corporations with the big money. Therefore we can say that an item is “reputed to” or is “said to” without saying “Use this and it will clear up your acne”.

Can I use your soaps on my face?
Most people are fine with using our soaps on their face.  As long as you read the label of ingredients before you use our soaps on your face or body, and are sure you are not allergic to, or will react to any ingredients listed, then you should be fine to use our soaps on your face.
Do you test your products on animals?

Never! Ok well some family members may be like animals from time to time but they are still human. We test with pride on our family and friends. From time to time we also ask our customers if they would like to volunteer to be testers.

Can I use your products on my children?
My children use nothing but my soaps. The soap itself is gentle and mild. All of the novelty childrens soaps are completely unscented. There are also a line of Unscented Natural products that are also scent free.


Why should I use cloth menstrual pads?

They are better than disposable in so many ways!  Some of our favourite reasons are that they:

Save you money!  Keep thousands of dollars in your pocket over the long run.

Are comfortable! Much more comfortable, in fact.

More attractive!  So many stylish fabrics and patterns.

Save you from the odour caused by the chemicals in disposables.

May reduce the duration and symptoms of your period!

Are better for the environment.  Throw away less garbage!

Are more skin friendly with less skin irritations and no sticky glue!

How many cloth pads do I need?

The best way to determine how many you need is to keep track of how many disposable pads you use in a day.  You will change them as often as you do disposables so you then need to decide how often you want to wash them.  Some people can get away with 6 and wash them every evening before bed.  Some people like to have enough for 2 days and wash every other day or enough for their whole period and only wash once a month.  Some people choose to have only day pads for ease of buying and others prefer liners for the start and end, night pads for night and day pads for the day.  How many you have depends on how often you want to wash as well as your most comfortable size and your budget.  Keep in mind that the more you have in rotation the less wear each one will receive so they will last you longer.

How do I wash and care for cloth pads?

Washing them can be as simple as tossing in the washing machine!   If you are worried about staining then you may choose to keep a pail of water (or empty ice cream container) and toss the used pads in and wash when needed or you can give them a quick rinse before tossing in a wetbag or dry pail.  Natural fabrics such as cotton and bamboo stain easier than minky which almost never stains.  If stains set in then just place clean wet pads in the sun or you may use a stain remover product on them such as peroxide before washing.

Tree Hugger pads are washer and dryer safe but please do not use fabric softener or bleach.

I'm worried about leaks, how safe are they?

Tree Hugger pads are all made with soft water resistant fleece backing.  The fleece not only helps hold the pad in place but it also acts as a barrier to stop leaks.  Fleece is breathable but also doesn’t wick the moisture out to your underwear as flannel backed would do and yet is still more breathable then disposable pads made out of paper and plastics.  There is no plastic or PUL barrier in our pads so please do make sure you change them often enough.  Tree Hugger pads have secure fitting wings that snap in place to hold your pad in place as well as provide side coverage.

What is in Tree Hugger pads that makes them so absorbent?

Tree Hugger pads have a hidden inner core made of a highly absorbent fabric called Zorb.  Zorb contains only common cloth diaper making fibers.  All are virgin, non-allergenic, easy to sanitize, and free of anything mysterious or unknown.  Zorb is made in the USA and Canada in modern facilities that are safe & friendly for workers and the environment. Zorb contains only tangled cellulose fibers from bamboo/cotton/viscose and poly micro fiber.  Nothing else.  Zorb is hemp free!  The reason we choose to use Zorb is because of how quickly it absorbs, the large quantity of fluid it can hold and the fact that it is dry in about half a dryer cycle compared to other fabrics that can make pads take two dryer cycles to dry all the way through.  Zorb also stays squishy soft after years of use and doesn't get bunchy and stiff like bamboo and cotton cores can.

What is the difference between minky topped and bamboo velour topped pads?

There are quite a few differences between minky and bamboo but a lot of it comes down to personal preference. Minky is 100% polyester (super, super soft) so it does not absorb but allows the fluid through to the absorbent layers underneath and acts as a sort of stay dry layer. Minky also does not stain so they stay looking and feeling new even after years of use. 

Bamboo Velour is also very soft and there is an organic option which is important to some people as well as it being a natural fiber. Bamboo Velour is also absorbent itself so that adds one more layer of absorbency to the pad but because it absorbs it can also stain. If you are worried about stains then there are many ways to treat them but it is slightly more work than minky.

Why choose Tree Hugger pads?

Tree Hugger pads are made with the BEST and most luxurious fabrics that we can find.  They are all topped with either minky or bamboo velour.  Minky is ultra soft and is stain resistant and they stay looking new even after years of use.  Bamboo velour is a natural fiber which is a benefit to many and is also very soft but it can stain and is not as soft as minky but still 100 times better then paper/plastic.  Be using water resistant fleece for the backing rather then Nylon or PUL fabric you are getting a more breathable pad that will also grip your underwear without slipping around.

If you are concerned about a product or an ingredient please don’t hesitate to email me. I want my customers to be happy so please be sure to ask if you an unsure about anything.