This incredible pricing of 20% off is for the FAST-BUY only.
  • All orders must be received and paid for by Midnight August 23/17 - NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Order goes in on Aug 24 and arrives APPROXIMATELY Sept 1st/17
  • Upon arrival of shipment - participants will be notified when they can pick up or when they are ready to ship.
  • Because we do not know what prints/colours will arrive - we do not guarantee which prints/colours you will receive. Wylde Rose selects which prints a person receives.
  • Payment can be made via PayPal, EMT, credit card on our website. If you would like to pay cash you may do so at the studio.
  • ** PAYMENT MUST BE MADE PRIOR TO DEADLINE ** If the order is not paid for by August 23, your order will not be included.
  • All orders are private and confidential.
As always these are perfect for menstruation but about 40% of our customers also buy them for light incontinence also.

Anyone who spends over $50 will also receive a FREE 1lb bag of our laundry powder selected upon arrival of pads

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